Cibele Vieira

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, works in Queens-NY

Certificate in Photography, International Center of Photography, New York, NY. 
B.A. Communication, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
M.A. Media and New Technologies New School, New York NY.

2022 Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki, Greece. Art Communicating Conflict Resolution
Equity Gallery, NYC. Among Friends



Lorimoto Gallery, NYC The Tardigrade Wars and Their Allies
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, NYC. 
Among Friends
Light Year, NYC. Light Year 49: 8 Attempts to Exhaust (the Poetic of) a Place.
Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia. Plus One.
Save Art Space, NYC. Going Green, curated by Carlo MacCormick.
Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. QueerMuseu.
Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Civil Discourse.
Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Brazil. QueerMuseu.
M. David Studio - hosted by David and Schweitzer Contemporary,  Brooklyn, NY. True Believers.
MARGS, Porto Alegre Brazil. Duchamp's Foutain:100 Years of Contemporary Art.
Experiência 5; Porto Alegre, Brazil, Museu Contraste .
Petzel Gallery; NYC. We Need to Talk...
MARGS; Porto Alegre, Brazil. Multiple Views.
Gallery GeranmayehNYC. Boys Can't Drive (solo show).
David and Schweitzer, NYC. Making the Future.
Lorimoto Gallery, NYC.  Til Death Do Us Part.
Sideshow Gallery, NYC. "Nation IV".
Centotto, NYC. GREXIT.
AIB, NYC. Seeking Space 2015.
Centotto, NYC. Thrice Legendary.
Storefront Ten Eyck, NYC. Making History.
Sideshow Gallery,NYC. “Nation II”.
MARGS; Porto Alegre, Brazil. Geografias da Criação.
Fotoativa. Largo das Mercês Slide Show, Belém- Brazil.
Front Room Gallery, NYC. "Summer Love".
Christopher Henry Gallery, NYC. “Neighbor’s Backyard” (solo show).
Sideshow Gallery, NYC. “Nation II”.
Brooklyn Fire Proof, NYC. “Best Case Scenario”.
Gallery Genranmayeh, NYC. Middle Tone.
Art Connects New York @ Safe Heaven Residences curate by Kimia Shahi.
MARGS; Porto Alegre, Brazil. “A Bela Morte: Confrontos com a Natureza-Morta no Século XXI.”
Curate NYC 2013; online group show curate by Lizzetta LeFalle Collins.
Curate NYC 2013; online group show curate by Sherry Dobbin.
Nuartlink Gallery; Westport, CT. Tracing Landscapes.
Lorimoto Gallery; NYC. Friends with Benefits.
Bushwick Open Studios; NYC. (artist event).
Foto Rio;  Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Foto Escambo.
MARGS; Porto Alegre,Brazil. CROMOMUSEU.
Bushwick Community Darkroom; NYC. United Citizens.
Front Room Gallery; NYC. The Ballot Show.
Nuartlink Gallery; Westport, CT. In Plain View.
Go Brooklyn Open Studios; NYC. (artist event).
Bushwick Open Studios; NYC.
Atelie 397; São Paulo, Brazil. Michê -Things We Do For Money With Pleasure.
Santander; Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Contemporary Triumph- MAC 10 Years.
Nuartlink Gallery; Westport, CT. Of White.
MARGS; Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Sensitive Museum.
MARGS; Porto Alegre, Brazil. Labyrinths of Iconography.
Rush Gallery; NY. Top 150 Curate NYC.
Valentine Gallery; NY. Post Tenebras Lux (project room).
Bushwick Open Studios; NY.
Nuartlink pop-up gallery; Westport, CT. Art in Image.
BOS Open Studio; NYC.
Fortress to Solitude; NYC.
Pierogi Flat Files; NYC. (Senseless series).
BOS Open Studio; NYC.
Knew Gallery; Washington, DC.  A Good Time is Now.
Pierogi Flat Files; NYC. (Bambis and Dollhouses series).
National Competition Exhibition, Soho Photo Gallery, Curated by Mia Fineman; NYC.
Stubnitz Gallery; Adrian College, MI. Bambis and Dollhouses (two person show).
The Dirty Show; Detroit, MI.
Photo Month, Slide Show; Krakov, Poland.
21º Camara Salon of Arts. Camara of Porto Alegre;  Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Augusto Meyer Gallery- Mario Quintana’s Cultural House;  Porto Alegre, Brazil. 137th Street Stop (solo show.)
São Paulo International Photo Meeting II, Museum of Image and Sound.  São Paulo, Brazil. Contacts and Confrontations-The Indian and White.
Curitiba Photo Meeting III, Moldarte Gallery.  Curitiba, Brazil. New Photographers from Brazil.

grants, awards & collections

New York City Arts Corps Grant, NYFA 2021.
Queens Council on The Arts. New Work Grant, 2020.
Permanent Collection Oscar Niemeyer Museum. Curitiba, Brazil.
Permanent Collection Ado Malagoli Museum (MARGS). Porto Alegre, Brazil. 
Permanent Collection Rio Grande do Sul Contemporary Art Museum (MAC). Porto Alegre, Brazil. 
Permanent Collection Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato, Japan. 
Permanent collection International Center of Photography, New York. 
First Prize. Vision 2000: Assignment Earth, Santa Fe, NM. 

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• Feature on the following Magazines on the year of 1999.: -Moda & Cia and W.S. Brazil; Long Island Village Voice; Culturefront Magazine (NY); Private Magazine (Italy).

teaching & lectures
2016-23 Artist in residency at The Creative Center, bringing art to Cancer Patients in New York Hospitals.
2017 Lecture, Transcender Art Crit Group. NY.
2013 Lecture, Bushwick Art Crit Group, NY.
2010 Lecture, Senseless and Surrealism. School of Visual Arts. New York.
2005-04 Adjunct Professor, Visual Arts. Washtenaw Community College, Michigan.
Adjunct Professor, Art Design & Multimedia. Lansing Community College, Michigan.
2003 Lecture, The New Photo Documentary. Pontifícia Universidade Católica.  Porto Alegre, Brazil.